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Linking Notion pages


This feature needs a Pro plan subscription.


Notion API is in Beta, so we marked this feature as Beta too. If you found any issues, please report them in our community!

Planet focuses on short notes because there are already many nice tools for writing and sharing long notes - for example, Notion. We integrate with Notion API to make it possible to link Notion pages from a Planet note, and have Planet take care of rendering and networking these pages. An example rendered page is here.

To create a link, paste the or URL of the page you want to link to:


save the note, and the Notion page will appear in the "page" section:


Connect to a Notion workspace

Planet needs to have access to your Notion workspace to be able to render the pages inside.

  1. Go to Settings->Integration.
  2. Click Link under Notion and authorize Planet to access your Notion workspace.

Access control

A witness mechanism is used to control access to Notion pages through Planet. The witness is a note that contains a link to the Notion page. To access a page:

  1. The viewer needs to have read access to a note that contains a link to the page.
  2. The owner of the above note must have connected to the workspace that the page belongs to, and have read access to the page.

Additionally, Planet detects the page property planet.alwaysPublic of checkbox type that, when set to true, skips checking for condition 1 and grants access as long as condition 2 is met.

At the bottom of a Planet-rendered Notion page is a Linked by section, where backlinks to the note that links to the page are shown. This can be used as a discussion area.


Notion's API has a relatively low request rate limit (3 requests per second), so we can't fetch the page from Notion every time we need it. Instead, pages are cached at the edge when rendered for the first time.

The owner of a note can refresh the linked pages to keep them up to date by clicking the refresh button below the title of the page.