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This feature needs a Pro plan subscription.

A lens is a custom view into your notes and provides second-order re-organization capability. Here's an example.

Lenses are defined with a query expression that specifies the properties a note must satisfy in order to be part of the lens. The query expression is a set of conditions on id, tag, visibility and creation time, connected with the logical operators and, or and not. A note belongs to a lens if and only if the query expression evaluates to true on it.

The full query syntax is documented here.

Query examples

All public notes with the #project tag:

tag "project" and public

All private notes with the #project tag:

tag "project" and not public

All notes with either #project or #area tags:

tag "project" or tag "area"

All notes with the #project tag created after 2022-01-01:

tag "project" and after 2022-01-01

All notes created between 15:00 and 21:00 every day (UTC timezone):

every day between 15:00 and 21:00 utc

Access control

Besides organizing notes into categories, there's also Lens-based access control - a way to define and manage advanced permission rules using Lens.